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Ocean State Job Lot donation

Recently Foodshare received a call from a representative of Ocean State Job Lot asking if we would accept a donation of food that they purchased on behalf of their customers.  The chain has been running these campaigns since 2006 and have donated 649,450 pounds of food to Foodshare during that time.  A few days later we received a tractor trailer with over 42,700 pounds of nutritious food on board.  And then two weeks later we received another full trailer with 32,493 pounds of food on that one.

While you may not think of Ocean State Job Lot as a food company, they do operate 99 stores in 7 states in the Northeast and sell large quantities of food in those stores.  As a food retailer, Ocean State has posted the following statement on their website:  “At Job Lot we find it unacceptable that anyone should go to bed hungry.  Each year during the holiday season we ask our customers whether they’d like to donate $1 to help us address this problem.  All monies collected at each store will be directed to the food banks (Foodshare, in this case) serving the local community”

Thank you to Ocean State Job Lot and to all their customers who have made this possible!